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<map lat='40.4328' lng='29.1567' zoom='10' view='0' float='right'/>

Gemlik is a town near Bursa.

Towards Bursa

The place known as Dörtyol is good to hitch out. There are two petrol station in Dörtyol place. One of them on the main road which is from Yalova to Bursa. Front of that petrol station is good to hitchhike towards Bursa

Towards Yalova

The other side of the road in Dörtyol place which doesn't have petrol station has place under footbridge that is good to hitchhike towards Yalova.

Towards Armutlu

You can take a bus from the city center to Manastır district. The buses are very frequent. The last stop is very close to entrance of the way of Hasanağa Kampı. That place is good to leave from Gemlik towards Kumla, Narlı, Kapaklı, Fıstıklı and Armutlu.