Frankfurt an der Oder

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Frankfurt/Oder is not a good place to get stuck in. Slubice, its Polish counterpart, on the other side of the river is just as bad, if not worse. It's probably worth coughing up the euros to get you to Warsaw - if you're here, you've probably cocked up somewhere. Maybe you got here on the train from Berlin, and didn't want to pay the extra to go to Warsaw. If you do end up here though, then check out the graffiti, and try and make some friends to take you to the squat, which is almost a museum of graffiti.

Oh, Mr Tweek, you had a bad day! It takes a good 45 minutes to walk from FF/o station to the motorway onramp towards Berlin, supposedly a good spot. Tram or bus may bring you there even faster, but you have to study that on the spot because I don’t know :). If you want to hitchhike to Warsaw, I can only say that this is very well possible on the border station. This border station is actually on the Polish side, because the actual border is in the middle of the river Oder, and well, it’s just located after the Polish shore, that was easier to construct. To get there on foot will take you for sure an hour, maybe 90 minutes, if you know the way. However, there is also a tramline to the Polish part of the German-Polish city Slubfurt (Slubice-Frankfurt), or it may be still under construction, anyway, first you need to cross the Oder and I think it’s best to do this in the city and not by walking over the motorway bridge south of Frankfurt. Then from Slubice walk towards the motorway (or for the Polish part: motorway to be). --Fverhart 10:42, 21 August 2008 (CEST)