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Hitchhike food consists of cookies, crackers, granola bars, etc.; anything that will give you energy, while at the same time being small, and not too prone to being smashed in your pack (such as potato chips).

If your budget is not so tight you will probably eat a lot at gas stations. Some of them can pleasantly surprise you, for example some gas stations in Finland that serve fries and self-service salad for only 2 euros. In Poland, fast food like hot dog can cost only about 3 PLN (1 EUR = 3.50 PLN).

On the back of receipts at most burger king resteraunts in the U.S., there is a toll-free phone number and a blank coupon. Call the number and you will be connected to an automated consumer satisfaction poll. At the end of the poll, you will be given a code to enter into the blank spot on the coupon on the back of your receipt. The coupon is good for a free chicken sandwhich or small whopper with purchase of a drink and fries.

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