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Edremit is a city on Turkey's western (Aegean) coast, a few km inland from the Gulf of Edremit. It lies on the highway D550 (which is assigned European highway number E87).

Hitchhiking out

East towards Balıkesir and South towards Ayvalık, Izmir

A ringroad partially surrounds the city along its southern edge with an access to the city centre in the west, and a planned access in the east since, as of July 2009, that section of the ringroad is still under construction and is closed for traffic. Therefore many drivers choose not to take the ringroad and drive the main street of the city centre instead, so if coming from west and north (Çanakkale, Assos and the vicinity) make sure your driver takes you into the city centre if possible, as hitching along the ringroad is useless. However, if you happen to get stuck on the ringroad, walk along it until where it ends by a river, then follow the traffic and turn left into a riverside street (which has a big Sevgi Yolu sign over it). In about 10 minutes of walking or less, you'll arrive in the main street of city centre, turn right there. After a walk of about 20 minutes, you'll arrive at the edge of the city—as the "Edremit is over" sign proclaims—and start hitching. The side of the road isn't very wide there but it's still possible to get a lift. However, drivers in this city seem not to be very sympathetic with hitchhikers for some reason, so be ready for quite a long wait.

About 10 km ahead, you'll come to the junction of roads heading east and south, so you may have to get off and hitch again if an eastbound car took you there from the edge of the city and you're heading for south and vice versa...

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