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Ebelsbach is a town in the North of the Bavaria, Germany.

<map lat="49.98478014667735" lng="10.672737312319542" zoom="14" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Bavaria.png
Population: 3810 (31 Dec 2011)
Licence plate: HAS
Major roads: A70
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Hitching in

Coming in from the A7/A70 from the North

The best way to get to Ebelsbach from the North is to get out at highway station Rhön West about 80 kilometers north of Würzburg. From there you have to get a ride to the A70 in the direction of Bamberg. Ebelsbach is located directly between Schweinfurt and Bamberg and very easy to reach from the A70. The exit in Ebelsbach directly leads to a roundabout from which you can also drive back to the highway. The perfect drop point. Near the roundabout are some supermarkets and a gas station.

Hitching out

At the border auf the town/village are 2 streets: First the B26 direction Schweinfurt<->Bamberg or the A70 in the same directions. Both are easily reached at the roundabout/rotary, which is the best tramp spot in the area.


The train station Ebelsbach-Eltmann is only 5 minutes walking from the hitching spot. So if you really get stuck here, this is a good and cheap alternative to reach the next town (Schweinfurt about 7 €/Bamberg about 5 €).