Den Bosch

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Den Bosch
<map lat='51.69575675061' lng='5.315322875976562' zoom='12' view='3'/>
Flag of Netherlands
Flag Noord Brabant.png
Noord Brabant
Population: 137,123
Major roads: A2, A59, A65
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Den Bosch (or 's-Hertogenbosch) is a Dutch city in the province of Noord Brabant. It is on the A2.

Hitchhiking out

East towards Nijmegen, Arnhem, North towards Utrecht, South towards Eindhoven

If you're in the city center, walk to the market. There go into the Hinthamerstraat, quite a big and well known shopping street. It's near the big cathedral. Walk it all the way down, until it ends in front of a bridge. There walk right into the Zuid Willemsvaart street and go til the crossing. Walk straight forward into the Van Veldekekade street, and after 500 meter you'll find a bridge. Walk it up and swing your thumb somewhere on the big biking path. Alternatively, you can try it some 50 meter further directly on the road towards Nijmegen and the A2.

All other directions

There are quite a lot more good spots in den Bosch, have a look at the liftershalte map to find them. Thanks to Frank for finding them all. Even with information how to get there with the busses.

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