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Crossable rest areas in Italy

In Italy most service stations have strong fences / high fences all around them. Service roads usually have a fence on them as well. There may be a gate for pedestrians, which may or may not be locked. Bridge restaurants may be closed at nighttime. Pedestrian tunnels connecting Area di Servizios may or may not be closed permanently.

The following Italian Area di Servizios do allow you to cross from one side to the other. This overview is far from complete.

Autostrada A1 (Autostrada del Sole)

  • Secchia - there is a tunnel on the westbound side. Note that it is (not just theoretically) possible to walk from AS Sechhia to AS Campogalliano on the A22. Prino did so in 1992 (next to the Autostrada), but studying Google Maps suggests that a walk through the fields may be possible.
  • Cantagallo just south of Bologna - bridge restaurant (Autogrill) over the motorway! Also crossable northbound in 5 minutes using an abandonned road tunnel.
  • Roncobilaccio - crossable using the roads of the motorway exit it is connected with (on the northside of the service stations)
  • Chianta just southeast of Firenze - bridge restaurant (Autogrill) over the motorway!

Autostrada A4 (Autostrada della Serenissima)

  • Limenella just west of Padova - bridge restaurant (Autogrill) over the motorway!

Autostrada A22 (Autostrada del Brennero)

  • Paganella - there is a pedestrian tunnel (Closed when Prino arrived there on 2012-02-04 @ 23:55), but as an alternative, it's possible to climb around the fence on the south-side (Paganella Ovest)/over the fence in the middle (Paganella Est) and use the bridge.
  • Adige - there is a bridge on the southbound side