Chop-Záhony border crossing

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The Chop-Záhony border crossing links Hungary, near the town of Záhony, with Ukraine near the town of Chop.

<map lat='48.413488' lng='22.171562' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' height='270' width='350' />

It is situated on the E573, which conects to Nyíregyháza where it connects to the M3. There is an international highway border crossings. Hungary is part of the Schengen Agreement but Ukraine isn't, so border controls can take some time (sometimes over 5 hours). You aren't allowed to cross on foot, so get in a car before the entire border begins (because drivers get a paper with the number of passengers on it). In the ukrainian side, drivers going to Hungary can be keen to take hitchhikers for increasing their cigarette (2 packages/person in the car) and alcohol buying limits, so just walk a little bit further from the border and thumbs up.