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Chambéry is a city in France.

Hitchhiking out

Direction: Les échelles (Massif de la Chartreuse)

To go in the "Chartreuse" or through the Chartreuse it's very easy. Just go on the road "route de lyon" and on a roundabound. [1]

West towards Lyon on A 43, east toward Geneva on A 41

The Péage de Chambéry Nord splits traffic headed east and west about an hour's walk north of the city centre. It appears that buses run quite nearby, though not especially early, late, or regularly; more information can be found at at the website of the local transit agency here. The A41 and A43 merged to the south of the city, having continued through Chambéry as the A43/N201, and here split again to their respective directions. This is quite large péage with many lanes, but a little space at the edge where cars can stop. Because of the split, heading in the direction of Geneva from here may be more difficult, as that traffic takes the left splitting lanes, away from the shoulder.

When user Movethathoof was dropped off here a cold November night in 2019, despite the low visibility and faltering traffic he had a ride in about half an hour (one that offered a place to sleep and a further ride in the morning to the outskirts of Lyon, no less!).

Hitching In

Places to Avoid

Accommodation and Sleep

Other Useful Info