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Bayreuth is a city in Germany.

Hitching out

For getting on the A8 highway you could either take the train towards Pegnitz and head for the petrol station there (i have just looked it up on the map and not yet tried it out, but it should be possible).

Heading North

Another possibility is to get to Wolfsbach by bus. From the busstop you pass the village towards the highway and head slightly south towards a tunnel under the highway. Just before the tunnel, there is a small road passing a bridge going south along the highway. Follow that road past a farm building for about 500m and you reach the restplace at the highway. There is no petrol station here, but the people using the toilet will pick you up.

Heading South

The petrol station in Pegnitz is a good place for people with a "Semesterticket" or someone who is willing to take the train for a bit. The resting place close to Wolfsbach is also accessible from the other side of the highway, but i have mot tried it out yet. ����������������������