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<map lat='49.89' lng='2.29' zoom='10' view='0' float='right'/>
Flag of France
State: Somme
Population: 134.000
Licence plate: 80
Major roads: A 16 A 29
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Amiens is a city in the North of France.

Hitchhiking out

To the South (Paris)

Option 1: A29 toward A16

From the main bus station (or anywhere) take bus 9 going south toward Dury (schedules and maps can be found here). Get off at the stop Centre Cial Amiens Sud and walk south down the main road. Turn right at the roundabout and walk down to the next roundabout which should only have cars getting on the autoroute. A good place to hitch is right at the yield sign since there is a wide shoulder right after it in the roundabout, enough space for even a big truck to pull over. Use a sign for Paris - should be pretty easy to find a ride.

To the North, the South (Paris) and the East

Take a bus line 1, 12 or 16 in the direction of Longueau until stop Croix de Fer.

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