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Abeline (Texas)

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Home to ACU, Abilene is a small- to medium-sized town located on I-20. Famous for its storybook statues downtown, Abilene does have a tourist scene. People here are generally friendly and helpful, although there is a tendancy to call police over trivial matters. NOTE: Bring mosquito repellent and a lot of it.

Hitching Out

NORTH: Originally I tried hitching North on highway 351 towards Witchita Falls, roughly 1.5 miles north of I-20 and Walmart (there is decent camping behind the Walmart, don't forget bug spray as the mosquitos are horrible). After 5 hours and 17 prison busses I came to the conclusion that hitching this highway wasn't going to happen. This after the Sherrif was called as a 90-year-old woman reported me as a "hitchhiking teenaged runaway". This was the second time a concerned Abilenite called law enforcement in regards to my safety. I will say both officers were friendly. We actually exchanged laughs about me being mistaken for a teenager.

EAST: Near highway 351 and I-20 is a Hooter's restataunt. On the freeway, directly in front of the restaraunt is a nice hitching area with a very wide emergency lane and plenty of visibility. Local police will enforce a soliciting ordinance anywhere near the onramp so don't even bother. Hitch right on the freeway. The interstate is not thier jurisdiction, and hitchhiking on the freeway is legal in Texas so take advantage.