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The A12 is a highway in the Netherlands, going from Den Haag in the west till 's-Heerenberg in the east of the country.

It passes the cities of Den Haag, Zoetermeer, Gouda, Utrecht, Ede, Arnhem and Zevenaar. At the border the A12 connects to the German A3.

Hitching the A12

Legend: Verygood.png (very good) | Good.png (good) | Average.png (average) | Bad.png (bad) | Senseless.png (senseless)
  • Ramp.png 2 Den Haag-Centrum
  • Ramp.png 3 Den Haag
  • Ramp.png 4 Voorburg
  • Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt Prins Clausplein
  • Ramp.png 5 Nootdorp
  • Autobahn gasstation.png Knorrestein
  • Ramp.png 6 Zoetermeer-Centrum
  • Ramp.png 7 Zoetermeer
  • Ramp.png 8 Bleiswijk
  • Ramp.png 9 Zevenhuizen
  • Ramp.png 10 Waddinxveen
  • Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt Gouwe
  • Ramp.png 11 Gouda
  • Autobahn gasstation.png De Andel
  • Ramp.png 12 Reeuwijk
  • Autobahn gasstation.png Bodegraven
  • Ramp.png 12a Bodegraven
  • Ramp.png 13 Nieuwerbrug
  • Ramp.png 14 Woerden
  • Autobahn gasstation.png Bijleveld
  • Ramp.png 15 De Meern
  • Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt Oudenrijn
  • Ramp.png 16 Nieuwegein
  • Ramp.png 17 Kanaleneiland
  • Ramp.png 18 Hoograven
  • Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt Lunetten
  • Autobahn gasstation.png De Slagmaat
  • Ramp.png 19 Bunnik
  • Ramp.png 20 Driebergen
  • Ramp.png 21 Maarn
  • Ramp.png 22 Maarsbergen
  • Autobahn gasstation.png Oudenhorst / Bloemheuvel
  • Ramp.png 23 Veenendaal
  • Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt Maanderbroek
  • Ramp.png 24 Wageningen
  • 'Autobahn gasstation.png t Ginkelse Zand / Buulderkamp
  • Ramp.png 25 Oosterbeek
  • Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt Grijsoord
  • Autobahn gasstation.png De Schaars Good.png (good)
    • This gas station is located only in direction Den Haag. Quite busy, directly between two highway junctions. Enough space at the end of the parking area to stand and stop cars. Get out here if you want to go south towards Eindhoven. This is a busy gasstation. It is possible to get nearby from Arnhem by public transport, then walk to it by the side of the motorway and forest. However, there is a high fence around which is impossible to climb. In the end of 2007 there was a hole in the fence however. To be sure, you may have to take a tool for cutting away one line of barbed wire. This will grant access to this service area ;). From here it is easy to go to all cities in the west of the Netherlands, and it is one of the best places in the east of the Netherlands to find a ride to Brabant or Limburg.
  • Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt WaterbergAverage.png (average) to the west. This junction is combined with A12 ramp 26. Cars cannot stop on the ramp to the west, but it is quite easy to get a ride from the traffic lights, and every car can take you to the next great petrol station.
  • Ramp.png 26 Arnhem-Noord
  • Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt Velperbroek
  • Ramp.png 27 Westervoort
  • Ramp.png 28 Duiven
  • Autobahn gasstation.png Oudbroeken
  • Ramp.png 29 Zevenaar
  • Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt Oud-Dijk
  • Ramp.png 30 Beek
  • Autobahn gasstation.png Bergh-Noord / Bergh-Zuid
    • This gas stations are located directly at the border to Germany.

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