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Zugdidi is a town in western Georgia.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Svaneti

This road travels through Jvari, Khaishi, Dizi, and a slew of small villages before you get to the administrative capital of Upper Svaneti region, Mestia.

If you are in the city centre (say Dadiani Palace), you can walk to the best hitchhiking spot. Pass Dadiani palace and the little church, go down the small stairs and follow the road to the right, cross the river and follow Merab Kostava street, keep left until you reach Pushkin Street where you turn right. Now you are on Soxumi Street at the crossroad. You can find a Sunday Supermarket there to get some last minute supplies. Follow the Zugdidi-Jvari-Mestia Road - it will eventuall lead you to Mestia, even though the first cars might just take you to the nearest village. After passing the very impressive Enguri dam, the traffic gets naturally thinner as you climb higher into the mountains. The traffic that travels this road makes it a little difficult to catch a ride. Many of the cars are stuffed with people because marshrutkas are the typical way of getting around. As with most places in Georgia, a little knowledge of Russian or Georgian is helpful, but not necessary. If breaking the ride up into segments is necessary, the larger towns on the road are Jvari, Khaishi and Mestia. Many of the locals are likely chipping in money for petrol, so if you are travelling free then make sure to clear up any expectations for gas money in the beginning.

South towards Senaki, Poti (S1)

From the city centre, passing McDonalds on your right, simply walk South on the Senaki Highway. You can try to hitchhike cars directly from there, though it is better to walk a couple of kilometres until you reach a pillar announcing the start of the city. It is best to stand after the petrol station, before the sign showing the distance to Senaki and other points. If you are going to Poti, you will have to leave the car at a crossroad directly after crossing train racks before Senaki.

West towards Anaklia

Hitchhiking to Anaklia, effectively the nearest beach in Zugdidi, might be difficult. Follow Rustaveli Street, pass the station and then just continue walking on that road. You may try to stop cars at any point. Do not stay at the beach for too long, as catching a ride back to Zugdidi after 5pm, even in the summer, might be tricky. There are also local Marshrutkas for less than 1€ in case you get stuck. Basic knowledge of Georgian/Russian can help you here. The local police is very friendly and might offer you a ride if you're stuck.

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