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The Mid west of the united states from my experience is next to impossible. Through Kansas I got two short rides before I was picked up by a state trooper and given a ride to the county line where another state trooper was waiting to give me a ride to the next county line and so on. Until I got to Topica where it was a homeles shelter they droped me off at. The shelter gave me a bus voucher to Denver. Well I got to where I was going however the police presence made the trip kind of stresfull and was over all unnesesary. Im sure that others may have better experiences from the mid west. However in my perspective the safest ways through the mid west are to hop a train(safe if you know what you are doing any way) or going to a truck stop and getting on a drivers CB. Most wil let you if they have the time. By geting on a CB you cut down on the risk of the truck stop kicking you out or calling the cops. Most won't but through the mid west like Kansas or Nebraska it is a much higher probibility than in other places. That is what I think of the midwest.

Perhaps our paths will cross some day. Perhaps they already have guess we dont know, any way, good luck out there.