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Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia in Canada. It is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island off Canada's Pacific coast. The city has a population of about 80,000, while the metropolitan area of Greater Victoria, has a population of 345,000, making it the 15th most populous Canadian urban region.

Victoria has a Mediterranean climate with mild (highs average in low 20s) dry summers and mild (lows average above 0) wet winters. It enjoys the most moderate weather in of all of Canada.

Hitching Up Island (North)

The best way to hitch north up the island is from along the highway near Langford. There you can catch people heading out of town over the Malahat. You can take public transit from anywhere in Victoria to get there. The best place used to be at the gas station on the corner of Spencer Road and the highway but now the new Bear Mountain overpass has been built, removing the traffic lights and the nice wide shoulder to pull over into. If you know where the best places to hitch are now, please update the knowledge here.

Some success has been had standing by the right-hand turning lane coming from VGH hospital (Helmcken Road) turning right onto the highway. One can take the 14 or 50 bus routes from downtown out here, comes every 10 minutes. Ring the bell as you're crossing over the highway on the overpass, get off and cross the road. Lean your bag against the streetlamp and stand a few paces upstream for best visibility. There's a pullout just around the bend for people to pick you up. Best time seems to be early morning on weekdays (07:00-08:00) or mid-day weekends.

Hitching West (towards Port Renfrew)

The best place to hitch is... [please insert your knowledge here!]

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