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I propose merging this with User:Themodernnomad... guaka 02:08, 17 May 2011 (CEST)

This information was taken from the Wikipedia for Patrick Falterman. It is meant to be a more unbiased source of information, rather than the page for User:Themodernnomad, which is all written by the author; this information is written by other people....themodernnomad 22.57 (GMT-3) 17 MAY 2011
ROFL, to be quite honest, your article on Wikipedia was started by someone with a ludicrous username, mostly edited from an IP address in Chili and given that that is the country you live, I'm not going to guess who wrote it. For what it's worth, hitchwiki is a source of hitchhiking information. You have your User:Themodernnomad as a place to give background info about yourself, but creating a copy of your autobiographical Wikipedia page seems way over the top, just put a link to that page on your user page! Prino 20:47, 17 May 2011 (CEST)
All right, I was just trying to put more stuff on HitchWiki. For the record, I didn't write the things on that Wikipedia page, I don't know who did, but I'm thankful. If you want to merge it, fine. Was just trying to add more info, sorry...themodernnomad 17:21 (GMT - 3) 18MAY2011
I think I found the right solution. I moved it to a User/ article. Anyone is free to have tons of articles in relation to their user page (except genuine spammers of course).
Also, I think we do need and want articles about hitchhikers that don't have user pages on Hitchwiki and are noteworthy, but I think merely having a blog is not enough for that. Being an author of a hitchhiking book is enough in my opinion, and I also want Hitchwiki to have guidelines less strict than Wikipedia's. (Wikipedia has strict guidelines, but in many cases these are not enforced.) guaka 12:25, 18 May 2011 (CEST)
That seems like a great solution, guaka. I haven't published a book yet, but my online writings would fill several, and get a few hundred hits a day. Does that count?...themodernnomad 11:06 (GMT - 3) 19MAY2011