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Helloooo! Thanks for all your contributions. It's funny to see how you're working on the same articles as User:CK :) Feel free to write something about yourself and/or to ask questions and leave comments on talk pages like this one. Sign off with ~~~~. Happy hitching, guaka 20:33, 7 October 2010 (CEST)

Aaaaye, yup - I guess this is because User:CK and I simply were hitching around the very same spots most recently! :D We'll come back and update/share further experiences we might remember in the days to come. Thanks for all this, it's a great wiki and a pleasure to contribute, Guaka XD ps.: I had some issues setting a marker on the maps, how come/any idea?

Sure. What kind of issues? The map is quite slow, but should otherwise work. --MrTweek 00:21, 8 October 2010 (CEST)
Hey Hydra. Just visit the map, zoom/scroll to the place and click on "Link here" in the left sidebar. It will generate you the code. --MrTweek 14:17, 7 January 2011 (CET)::
Well, sounds all great, but: there is no "Link here" on my left sidebar. What the-? Look, I have everything from "Add place" to "Statistics", where is it?! I know, I found it once, but it's gone now...
Oh, you are right. The maps are still in development, so you'll have to wait for a while until this link comes back. sorry --MrTweek 17:08, 7 January 2011 (CET)