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Welcome on Hitchwiki, sorry for initially blocking you. You can now edit any page. Please use proper English (not SMS type language), you can get English spelling checkers for all alternative (Firefox, Palemoon, Chrome) browsers, and do not write in the first person ("I had no trouble..." etc), but use [[User:Sabx|Sabx]] had no trouble...", and only add such notes if they are really necessary, which is rarely. You can, if it's not already there, add a == Persnal Experiences == section to pages if you really want to add very specific personal experiences.

If you're more comfortable with raw HTML, you can also use it, except for any links, for those you have to use Wiki-markup, just click on edit on a few pages to see the different formats. Also, please, please, please use the "Show Preview" button when you edit pages, it will often prevent you from making a change and then finding that you missed a closing bracket or other triviality.

And finally, if you change Talk pages (and only those!) sign your entries with ~~~~, the software will automagically change it into username and a link to your talk page. Prinoblog, talk 12:59, 19 July 2014 (UTC)