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Hey, there! I'm glad to hear you had good experiences hitchhiking in Colombia, and thanks for sharing your experiences/insight! However, I was hoping you could maybe improve your edit to the Cali article. I lived in Cali for a year and spent a lot of time in Melendez and UniValle, but based on your edit, I wouldn't know where to tell someone to go to get that bus or where to get off. Could you clarify that a bit? Are you referring to the MIO or to one of the other smaller buses that cross Cali or to a bus that goes further south, like to Jamundí? Do you know which line it is or what the buses are called or where that last stop is? If it's a MIO, I'm guessing that it's a pre-troncal or alimentadora and not a main line, right? And when you say "the center of the university area" do you mean the Universidades station on the MIO or UniValle or where exactly are you referring to? Cheers! -- Irningston (talk) 20:41, 4 July 2015 (CEST)

Hi yes I mean the MIO buses, I corrected it, thanks for pointing it out