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Welcome on Hitchwiki and thanks for your contributions, but please follow these rules:

  • crate a user page, so that we know who you are, make it as minimal or as elaborate as you want,
  • do not write in first person ("I went..." etc), but use "Ecasalicchio went...",
  • do not use SMS type language,
  • use proper capitalization of words,
  • never use ALL UPPERCASE, use bold or italic instead,
  • use a spelling checker if you write in a language other than your mother tongue (Firefox has both US and UK English ones),
  • in Europe we use petrol and drive on motorways, don't use gas or highways in pages that deal with Europe,
  • use the Show preview (and/or Show changes) button(s) before the Save page one, just to make sure you haven't made any obvious mistakes, like missing a ' (which might screw up the formatting),
  • sign contributions on Discussion pages with ~~~~, the system will expand them to your username and the date and time

Prino 10:55, 29 March 2012 (CEST)