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I can host you in Marburg, Germany
Shelter for shelter: In Switzerland, Andi was offered to stay at his driver's home for few days on the condition that he build her a chicken coop.

Andi is a thumber but occasionally uses signs where he feels it makes a lot of sense or to avoid conflicts when hitch-hiking together with a signer. Finding messages left behind by other hitch-hikers and read about their desperation, hope or joy gives him a nice feeling of being connected; and he therefore often leaves a little message himself.

Hitchhikes in

Europe mostly. Extensive experience also in New Zealand and some on Réunion Island.


  • Closest family relationship to a driver: uncle (met on the road; the lift was not pre-arranged).
  • Highest number of times picked up by the same person: 3 (Brittany, August-September 2016, not arranged).
  • Best timing: Hitch-hiked from Brittany to Toulon (1300km, 2days) and arrived less than 10min after a pair of friends who hitch-hiked from Luxembourg (900km, 1 day), then together caught the last ferry of the days towards Corsica which departed only 15 min after that.
  • Favourite location: France, Atlantic coast
  • Preferred day-time: afternoon