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About Me

Born in Philadelphia, PA and quickly shipped off to Norwell, MA, USA; Educated in Rochester, NY, and landed in Burlington, VT.

Along the way to where I am, I've managed to pick up a degree in Electronic Engineering, a minor in (and fascination with) psychology, and a smattering of jobs ranging from Semiconductor Designer to Paintball Referee. I've learned to enjoy life, whatever the circumstance.

Some of my more infamous nicknames include: MacGuyver (I get this at least once a year), Knife (I've always got one), and of course Stove, from the 8/8/8 Hitch-gathering.

Current Plans

Working at an outdoor gear retailer near NYC, visiting friends around the east coast, planning my next small trip across Eurasia.


I started hitch-hiking March of 2008. There was a small boat-hitching experience the prior summer, but I was assisted by a bridge. Long story.


Hitching around New England was relatively easy, especially in Vermont. The people are too friendly, and most people aren't in a hurry.

With a one-way ticket to Dublin, I began exploring Europe by way of the thumb (and signs...And poor german/french/romanian/italian/hungarian/russian/dutch). From Dublin to Scotland, I somehow got lost in the Balkans and ended up finding friends and comrades at 888. Cris-crossing France a few times, I was initially rejected by the British authorities (black mark. Sadly becoming more common), but eventually made my way to Scotland.


My favorite sign: brilliant.jpg

Spent a month hitching around the west coast, then hiked for a month on the PCT. Ended up in Amsterdam hitching to 7/8/9, which lead me on a merry loop around Poland and the Baltics, ending up back in Amsterdam a month later.

Hitching Canada in the fall (late October) is not such a hot idea.

Made it to the 7/8/9 Ukraine Hitchgathering


After completing a circuit around Australia (15,000km in 3 months) I finally have a rev! I've hitched over 45,000KMs as of the end of 2010

Made it to 6/8/10 hitchgathering in Sines, Portugal


Not so much hitching, but a ton of driving and some crazy experiences...Van-dwelling across the United States, in a sketchy windowless white cargo van. Ended my trip early to return to my childhood town and take care of an ailing relative...


Started with a bang! Not much hitching, but a lot of work and a wonderful relationship. Stayed in place for seven whole months (ok, I took March off and hitched around the country), before fleeing the northeast for Alaska. The summer in Haines was wonderful, but the trip back to the US was the hitchhiking journey which I was itching for. From Haines, AK, down through Canada and the western states, I logged an additional 6000km over a month to my eventual destination of Denver.

Future Plans

So...south america got pushed back again. I am heading to Europe in March, with the eventual goal of spending the summer in Kyrgyzstan and the surrounding areas. After that, who knows... I hear tales of adventure in the far east, as well as possible offers of passage on a sailing vessel around the Mediterranean. Time will unveil a plan for me as I continue to venture forward.