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I'm introducing myself usually as Max. Been Hitchhiking since since I was 10. Which by the way was Much Easier back than :)

Been hitchhiking to school for many years, And for the last years I am living in movement, So I found myself hitchhiking most of the countries in Europe.

Now I'm in South-America hitchhiking my way, and will see what's next...

Hitchhiking and in general traveling seems to me like a great practice. Waiting somewhere, with yourself, processing whatever that is happening in your life. sometimes for hours, or days. seeing how different thoughts, memories, struggles, emotions pop up And you are dealing with them until hop :) stops a car, with people inside, usually full of goodness, and you jump into their bubble, share life a bit, get charged up, get a lit bit forward on your path, and pop! you jump out, and you are somewhere else, again processing whatever is about to come. I am very grateful for it :)

I am not a beautiful girl, or a handsome guy. I am quite large bearded guy. but I believe that the flow of goodness can come to anyone, doesn't matter what's their appearance. So maybe it will take me more time than other, but that's doesn't matter. I'm always where i need to be :) and so far managed to cross countries over and over.