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   * I love hitchhiking. I am from germany and my contribution is mostly arty stuff, spreading the word and the love and of course hitchhiking.




   * France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Czech (2008)
   * Germany, France, Spain (2009)
   * Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegra, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal (2010)
   * Germany, Netherland, Northamerica (2011) 


   * The longest trip ever: 6150km, from Chicago to San Francisco and then through California
   * The longest ride ever: 940km, from Madrid to Montpellier, 9 hours

Since September 2008 i hitchhiked at least 50.000 km through parts of Europe, Asia and Northamerica. I wrote a book about Hitchhiking - Away. Contact me for more information. You can find it on my blog.