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I have sailed across the Atlantic Ocean three times on strangers’ sailboat: twice from Europe to the Caribbean, and once from the Caribbean to Europe. All of these experiences were incomparable – different routes, different weather, different boats, different people, different everything. There wasn’t a go-to resource on how to catch a ride across the Atlantic. Loads of research, experimentation, lessons learned, and a few ocean crossings later, I have realized that I am the resource. I decided to pen it all down and help you make this happen: happily, safely and meaningfully! I aim to help adventure seekers navigate the wild wild west of figuring out the Atlantic Ocean crossing as an aspiring crew member. I have written a 400 page ‘how to hitchhike the Atlantic Ocean’ guide based on the lessons I have learned from my Atlantic Ocean boat hitchhiking adventures, and some more insights from 10 years of non-stop solo travelling around the world. This is the book I wish was out there when I naively started the ‘Let’s hitchhike across the Atlantic’ adventure two years ago. Because there are a few things you have to be mindful of… Finding a boat is one thing, finding the right boat and preparation is what makes all the difference. I’m excited to help you go ocean sailing! Ahoy! Suzanne Oceanpreneur @Oceanpreneur on the socials