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Me, the TC, and not much else.

My name's James. I live in London, where I probably work at the best cafe in town, Jakob's (20 Gloucester Road, come find me). I tutor in GCSE maths, I volunteer as a gardener, and I hitchhike when I can. I write about hitchhiking over at [ RiptideLab] (a Magic: The Gathering forum), I'd be honered if you wanted to read my stuff!

I've hitched several thousand miles now. The big trips were a trip around the Baltic Sea in 2013, and in 2014 I went across North America, east coast to west coast, then up from LA to Seattle. I had a really crazy time in Northern California, which I gather is not an uncommon experience. I traveled with this guy Harvey (who's a Dirty Kid/traveler/transient/whatever you wanna call it) for a couple days and it was totally mad. Later I hopped on a freight train, that was super fun too. Towards the end I was in Maine and ended up meeting a bunch of northern rednecks and staying with them, which was nutty. Besides that, I've done a whole bunch of short trips through Europe, between London and Zurich several times, and a couple trips to Belgium.

I guess you can check out my website, if you like: It's just for me to learn web design when I feel like it.

Hopefully this year I'll get onto a masters course in start working in renewable energy. That's the plan!