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about me

fluent in english, german, french, learning a handful other languages, can hitchhike in a dozen more.
body language is my preferred.
lived in french canada, midwestern america, germany and under the rainbow. since early 2014 on the road.
hitch-hiking since 2012, 66Mm so far, between pacific ocean and montreal, and granada and turkey.
translating some bits here and there, adding things i find useful, i'm also contributor to BeWelcome.

autostop diary

north america
2,700km from Vancouver to Winnipeg in 4 days (sleeping in tent at night)
longest ride: 1,100km in a truck from Vancouver to Edmonton

3,000km in 2.5 days from serbian macedonian border to eastern germany, via zurich to dumpster dive at Lindt&Sprüngli's chocolate plant and cologne to have a shower and pick up things (not sleeping at night)
2,800km from belgian hitchgathering to rainbow gathering in greece in 2013
longest ride: 719km from circa Grenoble to downtown Toulouse


ask me things about Tails, Tor, PGP, etc.. (that is, internet privacy/anonymity!)