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Lilylove, otherwise known as Lily Barlow was born in Port Vila, Vanuatu, but moved to Australia age 12, and tends to refer to herself as 'an aussie'. She's 21, young, foolish and free, and is currently living it up in Europe for a planned period of two years.

She has a degree in Social Documentary Photography, but is also pursuing video-making, and is currently working on a documentary about dumpster diving. Her first and foremost passion (at least for now) is focused on environmental sustainability, downsizing and ecological living. Hobos, wandering, photography and (fairtrade, vegan) chocolate follow closely behind.\

Lil in park.jpg

Hitchhiking Philosophy

Hitchhiking makes more sense to me than most things in this world. Travelling not as an end, but as a means, the journey not the destination, is what suits me best. It appeals to me because it's a way of socially interacting with others, cheaply meandering a country, but first and foremost, getting around without using excess oil. If mr of mrs X is going to destination Y anyway, then i may as well come along for the ride :)

Countries I've Hitchhiked

Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, United States, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands.