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Leo Carona is a Brazilian hitchhiker who shares his trips and tips on hitchhiking around South America and Europe. He started the first Brazilian group of hitchhikers and people interested in hitchhiking, "Caroneiros de beira de estrada - hitchhikers".

Leo keeps some blogs and a channel on Youtube where he publishes hitchhiking videos recorded on the road. You can check here the full list of countries where he has hitchhiked so far, as well as where he's currently found.


Around July 2014 Leo has published MyHitchhikingSpots for Windows Phone, an app meant to save hitchhiking spots as well as other information that the user could find useful to remember in the future. That app was first meant for personal usage so that Leo could see and remember every spot where he had hitchhiked, and that would make it easier for him to share info with friends, on his blog, and also collaborate with Hitchwiki maps by adding them manually to the website.

In November 2016, an Android version of the app was released as a Hitchwiki app, after a period when it has also been kept private under testings for a long time. The source code for this project is available for Android developers to check and collaborate on GitHub.

In December 2016, the Windows Phone app was taken down by Microsoft for not following some new requirements for apps on the Windows Phone Store. Given an apparent lack of relevance of the Windows Phone version of the app (mostly due to the fact that a very few hitchhikers seem to use Windows Phone devices by the year of 2016), there are no plans for taking that version back online.