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About Me

I'm 22 year old, half Norwegian, half Portuguese Hitch Hiker from Lisbon. I finished my Comunication Engineer degree in Lisbon Technical Univ. and I decided that I wanted to see the world before settling down, so I started hitch hiking saying that I wanted to go to India (but dont really know if I end up there). I speak Portuguese, Spanish, English, Norwegian and a bit if French so that helps when hh in Europe. Before this trip i rarely hitch hiked, did it once in Uganda when was with a friend at a bar and we decided at 10pm that we should climb mount Elgon (we did, but went a bit bad) so we hh 300km in Africa at night (but paid for rides). Also hh in Portuguese festivals because the busses where overcrowded.

I have hitch hiked from Portugal to Iran so far (Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey,Georgia and Iran) without ever paying for transportation or accommodation for 5 months.

Longest wait? 6 hours at a highway entrance in Toulouse.

Country spent most time? Turkey: almost 3 months

How many rides so far? around 170

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