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King Herog : ruler of the hybrid animals

My Totem and favourite thing to draw. It stands for creativity, absurdity and my belief that good and bad don't excist. It's a personal belief in a certain time in a certain place with certain backgrounds... Soon it will be tattooed on my left arm.


My real name is Ewaut Van W... and I'm a recently beginning traveler/tramp from Belgium. As a kid my parents brought me all over Europe and because they where divorced I got 2 trips in one Summer. They used to hitchhike as well when they where young and my dad has the same sense of adventure as I have. The urge to travel was therefor grown in me but awakened (Like so many others) by the film "Into the Wild". Since then I've grown critical about Christopher's ways of travel. You will not find me somewhere in the wild "not so alive anymore" because I threw away my bloody map. He did however revive the "live a simple life" philosophy by Henry David Thoreau. Although the film romanticized the hitchhikers life, I do think that life as a wanderer is incredibly beautiful. My first real hitchhiking experience I had in the summer of 2013 when I hitchhiked to Berlin from Ghent ( about 900km) in one day and 2 days return trip. Beside that I've hitchhike on small occasions to just get somewhere or because there were no buses anymore from Wissant to Calais.

Why I love hitchhiking

The complete randomness brings me to places I would've never seen if I traveled in another way. Hitchhiking filters out (most of the time) the bad people because people only take you because they want to help you. Even if they are a little shady you can always feel there good intentions. It also reminds me of the old days in which musicians roamed around the countryside, earning money by playing in the streets and hopping trains (never ever done it but would love to!!). There's just something romantic about this way of travel and allot of people whom i meet envy my way of life. (not saying that my life is better then anyone else offcourse! )

My current travels

I am now on a big big trip across the North-Central and South-America. Before coming to the US I hitchhike from Belgium through England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland for a month. Then Iceland for 2 weeks hitchhiking around the ring road. And then I came to the US...

Future plans

I would love to hitchhike to Moscou from Belgium and then take the train to Mongolia where i would roam around on a horse on the steppes ( I know cliche but still cool). I also like the vastness nature so I would love to hitchhike through North-Africa. Coming up day by day is a trip down the Mississippi in a canoe all the way to the gulf of Mexico


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