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Hi friend. My name is Flo. I am a hitchhiker. Currently I am hitchhiking around Europe and beyond.

Started hitching in 2011 and hitchhiked in most European countries inbetween Scandinavia and Southern Europe since. Currently I am hitching down to Morocco and maybe further. Inssha'allah.

stats: longest ride: either Berchem (Luxembourg) to Barcelona (Spain) or Granada (Spain) to Agadir (Morocco) fastest car: some fancy Mercedes-Benz that brought me from Ulm (Germany) to Mannheim (Germany) road hitched most often: Dresden - Berlin fastest long distance hitchhiking journey: Thessaloniki (Greece) to Dresden (Germany) in about 2 days

If you wanna say thank you for my contributions, just give me a ride or share whatever you want to share.

See you on the road.