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Michaelangelo from Bristol, now living in Madrid.

Things that seem to help me with hitchhiking: -Signs with serif lettering. -A hi-vis/fluorescent jacket. -Rolled-up sleeves/bare forearms. More...

Hitchhiking experiences

Japan: 3100 km moving between and around Shikoku, Shimane, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, the Amami islands and Yakushima.
Much of this is detailed on my blog (March-May 2012)
Longest lift: Fukuoka to Kagoshima (282km)
Longest wait: 6 hours in Yakushima.

June-July 2014
Norway (started in Oslo), Germany and back to the UK.
This trip was inspired by and is dedicated to Taylor Booth.
74 lifts, average distance 132km.
Longest one-day distance: Oslo-Bremen (1045km)
Longest lift: Malmö - Cologne (795 km)

June 2015 Basel-Peckham Notes

December 2015

Madrid-Lisbon and back Notes

August 2016 Madrid-London Excerpt

June 2017 Madrid-Galicia and back [1]

August 2018: Madrid-London and back.

July-August 2019:France,Belgium,Holland,Ireland,Wales,England,Germany,Poland,Lithuania,Denmark,Spain.

September 2019: Madrid-Leiden

February-April 2022: Encarnación, Paraguay - Ushuaia, Argentina


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