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Edward is a hitchhiker from Hong Kong who studies in London. He tries to travel as much as can; due to limited time he could only travel short distances from London meaning he is most familiar with the Belgium, Netherlands, Northern France, Southern England area when it comes to hitchhiking. Ever since his first solo hitchhike at the age of 17, Edward has hitchhiked all over Europe and in some parts of Asia. 18 months on from his first experience with the Fijian army officer, he has now hitchhiked more than 15,000 km. He lacks money to fly to the America's or Africa so travelling by land is the only way. He is hitchike fluent in English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Edward being ignored by a Georgian Trucker

His 2 distinctive features are: a) He always wears a florescent yellow vest ever since he was hit by a car.

b) He is a lazy traveller; always travels with a small, foldable seat. After 10 minutes of waiting you're likely to find him chilling on his seat.

If you spot him during your roadtrips please give this guy a ride.

Personal Records

Longest wait- 20 hours, Dover Ferry port (was arrested and detained for 15 of those hours due to racist British police)

Shortest wait - minus 30 minutes... apparently the driver was waiting for me since he knew I was coming with his "telepathic powers"... crazy Bulgarian!

Longest Ride - Ghent to Barcelona, 1400km

Top Speed - 220 km/h, crazy German driver on the AutoBahn

Slowest Speed - 8 km/h, Tractor in Turkey

Coldest Temp. - -33C, Ukraine in January 2012

Warmest Temp - around 41C, Morocco in June 2011

Coolest rides - Two michelin star chef, free food :); Top of a truck in Turkey; With a bunch of School children in Turkey on a school bus.