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I have been hitchhiking in Western Europe for the past seven years, and currently trying my luck in Eastern and Southern North America.

  • My first trip was from Brussels, Belgium, to Paris, France. It went so well I have never really stopped.
  • As a human-observer (Fringe, anyone?), I have started enjoying travelling only in that most real way offered by thumbing.
  • I would like to participate in making hitch-hiking a normal thing, and for this I 'evangelize' around me, taking people on ride and teaching them tricks.

Hitch-hiking experience

  • Countries: 18.
  • Kilometers: # to be updated.
  • Longest trip: There and back again, France-Slovakia: 4000+km, 36 cars, 4 vans, 5 trucks. Oh, and one cab ride after a flat tire. Amounting to 62 people met plus 23 hitchhikers seen... And 3 hitchhikers to travel with (one Hungarian, two Czechs). Time on the road: 6 days. (3 days in for 2557 km and got to the wedding I was headed to before all of the other guests.)
  • Favorite hitchhiking story: I got picked up in Dresden, Germany while going from Berlin to Prague, by a cop car which despite my non-speaking german, dropped me off in a perfect spot... Where I immediately encountered a hearse carrying back home the body of a Serb, driven by a Croatian man who taught me quite a few words of german, as, of course, despite our 3+ languages each, we had none in common.