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Ok, so i'm not technically a hobo anymore because i have a place to stay, but i'm always away hitchhiking during the summer. I think my number of kilometers might be something around 15 000 km, most notable trips (back and forth hitchhicking the entire way):

  • summer 2014 in august/September: Lorient-Nantes-London-Manchester-Edinburgh-Glasgow (places I've spent a little time at), living without much money just what I made busking. Couch surfing and squatting for places to stay. 3366km back and forth In total
  • December/January 2014-2015: lorient-Arcachon-zad of sivens-Perpignan-Barcelona-Clermont-ferrand 2970km total
  • March/April 2015: Lorient-Rennes-Calais-Northampton-Glasgow (I recorded an album in Northampton, you can listen to it for free here: and here: 3041km Total
  • end June/July 2015: Lorient-Paris-Lorient-Ardennes-Mannheim-Nuremberg-Trutnov-Prague (festival trip to the obscene extreme with a girl from UK) 4895km total
  • August 2015: Lorient-Arcachon-Barcelona-Lorient-Paris-Birmingham-Doncaster 3761km up to here I'm not done traveling yet ;)