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Tuxtla Gutiérrez is the capital of the Mexican state of Chiapas.

Hitching out

East towards San Cristóbal de las Casas

There's a tollbooth just outside of town. For 6 pesos, you can get a combi to let you out on the highway about 800m from it where there's a pedestrian bridge.

South/West towards Arriaga/Oaxaca

Plan A: The Conejo bus (8 pesos, but they don't give change) with destination "Carreta" ends at the entrance to the highway. In July 2023, there was a police checkpoint just past the roundabout.

Plan B: in center Tuxtla you need find bus terminal Aexa. He situated on Avenida 9a Sur Pte. beetween Calle 4a. pte. sur and Calle Tercera pte. sur. On bus terminal you can find bus to Cintalapa. Time buses 6.20AM, 7.40AM, 8.20AM, 9.40AM, 10.20AM,12.20AM, 1.40PM,3.20PM, 4.30PM, 5.20PM,7.10PM.

You need speak with driver bus about escape the bus near caseta de cobro ocozocoautla- on west route to Arriaga 190D. Price of travel in July 2023 is 20 pesos

West-northe towards Coatzacoalcos

You need visit in bus station collectivo, in center parth of Tuxtla. Station situated on street "Segunda Pte.Sur" between Avenida 9A SUR Pte and Avenida 10A Sur Pte. Every day in 7.15AM collectivo will start to small village ocuilapa. Price 38 pesos. Near village you can find caseta de cobro 182 ocozocoautla. Ask driver to stop bus near oxxo- 50 metros before caseta de cobro.

buses travel on this route from 7.15 am to 5.15 pm with an interval of 1 hour

You need walk after caseta, and you can hitchhiking car to next caseta, or to Las Choapas/ Cotzacoalcos.

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