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Trempiada is Hebrew (טרמפיאדה), to hitchhike is tremp (derived from the German trampen).) and yad means hand. This term is for a designated place at a junction of highways or main roads from which hitchhikers, called trempists, may solicit rides. There are often many people waiting at trempiadas, and passing motorists often stop to pick them up. There is an unofficial etiquette governing trempiada use which determines priority for rides among other things as well as a shorthand sign language for communication between hitchhikers and drivers.

Most trempiyadas are actually bus stop, especially those that are present in road junctions. Of course you can still use them to hitchhike. In the Negav, check out the Trempiadas with the attached solar cells, intended on providing light for you at night!

Especially in and around Jerusalem the trempiyadas can be very busy. Unfortunately Tel Aviv doesn't have a good trempiyada.

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