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Traralgon is a city in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Hitchhiking out

West towards Melbourne

From the Traralgon train station walk about 400m up the Princes Highway (M1) to the west and you will arrive at a Coles Express servo. You can ask drivers here for a ride to Melbourne but it is not usually a very busy petrol station. Otherwise it is better to continue another 400m or so west to the bus stop directly on the highway and thumb it from there. You will catch many more drivers there, increasing your chance to get a lift. Just walk west past the Shakespeare st intersection, traffic lights and railway underpass, and continue another 200m or so on the grass between the highway and the railway line, and you will see the small bus stop on the Princes Highway. Traffic goes around 60 km/h here and there is a good 150m or so visibility.

East towards Sale or Bairnsdale

South towards Yarram

If you are hitching to Tara-Bulga National Park, Balook or Yarram you want to hitch south on the Hyland Highway (C482). From the train station walk east down the Princes Highway about 400m, turn right and walk down Whittakers road another 500m until you get to a roundabout. Thumb it just south of the roundabout where there is plenty of room for cars to stop.

Other useful info