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Tordesillas is a small motorway town in the Castile and Leon region of Spain. This is a small town just off of the A6 which heads East to Madrid and West to Salamanca.

Do not come here.

It is easy to end up here as it seems like a quick stop off of the A6 but it near impossible to get out. The locals are not enthusiastic about hitchhikers, and the Repsol gas station will remove you relatively quickly.

If you do find yourself here then head South East along Ctra. Madrid-Coruña until just before it merges with the A6. Opposite a place called 'Le Club 33' there is the entrance to a side road which runs parallel to the A6. If you follow this to the end you will reach a service station called 'La Loba'.

Be warned, this walk is about 8km.

The service station is open 24/7 and has very cheap food, drink etc. Best of all they have a shower which is free to use. It is not very busy, but cars and trucks do come there going in the direction of Madrid as well as Salamanca. There were even a few heading straight to Portugal.

There is a small wasteland area behind an empty building which the night attendants said we could sleep on and they also said we could sleep on the floor of a small room inside the gas station if we wanted.