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Topeka is the capital city of Kansas in the United States. This little but sprawled city is situated at the junction of major highways including the Kansas Turnpike.


This excerpt is from the Standard Traffic Ordinances of Kansas Cities book which Topeka has adopted as of 2010: Sec. 69. Pedestrians Soliciting Rides or Business.

(a) No person shall stand upon or along a street or highway for the purpose of soliciting a ride.

I have hitchhiked through Topeka holding my thumb out to dozens of cops and they haven't seemed to mind much, just understand that it is technically illegal.

Hitchhiking out

West to Salina and Colorado

East to Lawrence and Kansas City

The entrance to I-70 East at 10th Street and Wannamaker (by the Burger King and Super 8) is an ideal place to catch rides going to Lawrence and all points east. Be aware that it is hard for people to see you on this weird shaped ramp so a big sign saying Kansas City or Lawrence is in order. While standing on this ramp waiting for a ride Thewindandrain witnessed a man fleeing out of a convenience store nearby get gunned down by about a dozen police and placed in an ambulance (hopefully they were rubber bullets.) Needless to say, the cops around here have bigger fish to fry than an innocent hitchhiker.

North to Nebraska

South to Wichita