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How to use this Template?

For using this template, copy&paste the following code to the top of the border crossing article you want to edit.

{{Border Crossing
|country =
|country2 = 
|map = 
|type = 
|motorway = 

How to fill in the stuff

After adding the code, you can fill in the information:

  • country - the country where is first checkpoint is in
  • country2 - the country where is second checkpoint is in
  • map - a view from google maps or open street map
  • type - the type of the border crossing, for example Road, Bridge, Mountain pass, Highway, etc.
  • motorway - the motorway the checkpoint is on

Border Crossing
Countries: [[File:Flag of {{{country}}}.svg|20px|border|Flag of {{{country}}}]] [[{{{country}}}]] | [[File:Flag of {{{country2}}}.svg|20px|border|Flag of {{{country2}}}]] [[{{{country2}}}]]