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Taichung is a city in Country.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Tainan

You can catch the train to Chenggong Station (成功車站), then take either exit and make your way to any of the entrances to Highway 1 (See below for one specific option).

Note, there's a Hi-Life (like a 7-Eleven) just to the south of Chenggong Station (成功車站) at which you can stock up. One hitcher got cardboard (zh3xiang1, 紙箱) and borrowed a pen from there to make a sign.

You can take the south exit from Chenggong station and follow the path detailed below to a decent hitching spot at one of the entrances to Highway 1.

Good hitching spot South from Taichung

It's safer than it looks. Most cars are going pretty slow (approx. 50-60km/h) and have plenty of time to pull over in the space that's available (see image below).

Where to stand to hitch from South from Taichung

Ollie waited here (see image above) for 3 minutes before getting a lift to the outskirts of Tainan, where he got another lift after 2 minutes right into the city centre. The exact place where he stood was on the raised section in between the lanes.

South East towards Pingtung on Expressway 3

Try this spot on a direct ride to Kaohsiung. The cars are pretty slow and have a lot of space to stop right after the traffic light. You'll catch all the traffic going south to Expressway 3 and two bus stops are close by to get there easily. In general, drivers kept recommending to have a sign and that they don't pick up people without one.

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