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Svendborg is a city on southern Funen at the archipelago. Connections to other main cities are: North. Odense, highway and train South. Bridges to islands, Tåsinge and Langeland (main city Rudkøbing) Bus 930. East. Nyborg, bus 930/931 West. Fåborg, bus 931

3 ferries to the islands: -to Ærø -to Skarø and Drejø -To hjortø

Svendborg is the center cross in the big '8'/double loop of the National Cycleroute N8.

Hitchhike spots. To go east towards Nyborg stand at the busstop at the roundabout at the start of Nyborgvej going uphill. Near the harbour.

Fåborg The best spot is at the end of Fåborgvej at the big road. Can be hard to find a god spot with room for stopping. If you walk all the way to the brink of the forest, there is a busstop and room.

South Go to the busstop on the Svendborg Sund bridge, right at the start.

North Youll have several options. To catch the highway the nearest to city centre will be at johannes jørgensensvej. Walk out of the road, turn right when you are at the bridge. Stand at the corner for visibily.

Workshop and diy bikerepair, donation based coffee Go to Cykeltutten (frederiksø 18f) at the island frederiksø in the harbour.