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Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Brandenburg.png
Population: 26,200
Licence plate: MOL
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Strausberg is a town east of Berlin in the federal state Brandenburg.

Hitchhiking out

Northeast (Prötzel, Wriezen)

Go to the terminal metro Station Strausberg Nord and try to directly hitch in front of it or walk 300m to the entrance of the military barracks. You will be picked up very quickly because locals hitched here years ago in former GDR times.

To Berlin

Strausberg has four S-Bahn stations which are directly connecting Berlin. A one-way ticket is €2,80, but you can try to "hitch" on people's monthly tickets because some people are allowed to take a second person with them after 20:00 and on weekends. Or there's a group with a group-ticket. Or someone doesn't need their day ticket anymore... just ask around.

Hitching can be more difficult because you have to reach the other side of the lake or at least a road leading to there. From there only accept rides which are directly to Berlin, write a sign.


Wild Camping

You can use the Kulturpark at the lake. There are people with dogs in the morning, look out for dogshit. Place yourself hidden, don't leave your garbage there, don't light fire.