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<map lat='41.20' lng='49.8' zoom='10' view='3' />
Flag of Azerbaijan
Population: 63.001
Licence plate: 55
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Sheki is a small town in north-western Azerbaijan.

Hitching In

If you're coming from Baku, it's easier to go through Shamakhi than through Ganja.
If you're coming from Qabala and your driver is continuing towards Qax, don't jump out at the first intersection towards the center. There'll be a roundabout, and before you cross the bridge you'll be much closer to the center of the city.

Hitching Out

Hitching out of Sheki isn't super difficult as it's not a huge city. If you're headed towards Qabala/Baku, catching Marshrutka #2 can save you some walking, just get out when you come to the junction with a bigger road. If you're headed for Qax, you can just walk from the center until you come to the big roundabout with the new bridge. It's not very far -- about one kilometer --, but on a sweltering summer day you might want to catch a Marshrutka anyway. Which number is best to take is unknown so far.

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