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Santa Cruz in California is a great place to hitchhike. Many people hitchhike locally and it's on the Route 1 and close to the US-101, some of the best highways for hitchhiking in the United States.

Going South to Los Angeles

Caffe Pergolesi can sometimes be a traveler's hub and a good place to find a ride. There is an MST bus connecting Monterey and Santa Cruz. Line 78 Presidio. Hard to hitch otherwise, try the onramps in downtown Santa Cruz ... DON'T go to Capitola (Crappy-Toilet) to hitch. It won't work.

If you try to go to the I-5, be aware that the I-152 and the I-5 intersection is just highways. Don't even try to wait there for a ride. It's better to start walking down South and hope to get picked up by a friendly soul coming down from Bay Area.

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