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'Söderhamn is a city in Sweden.

Hitching out

North/South/West/East towards Other City

Hitching in

Places to avoid

Söderhamn should be avoided by all costs seeing as there is no good spot for hitchhikers to stand. A bit of Söderhamn does stand in relation the E4, but the cars drive at 110km/h and there is no good place for them to stop and pick you up. Median recommends just taking the train out to Gävle if you are going south.

Of cource you can not stand along the E4 but there is a stop sign for every car entering the E4 at Söderhamn, not an acceleration track. I left a couchsurfer there and she was gone in 30 min and then in Umeå 8 hours later. It is the same if you are going south but the road between the roundabout and e4 is shorter and probably more people make a stop at mc donalds going north.

Accommodation and Sleep

There are a few hostels in the area but most of them are far outside the center. In the archipelago you can rent cottages owned by community. There is one hostel close to the road, at the stable probably mostly used for there own camps but can be booked in advance at soderhamnsortensrf Taljebo.

You can make a mini hike to the hostle at the former airports flygstaden through the naturereservate ålsjön. This is a good option if you are interested in birds and old fighter planes as there is a museum at the airport.

Other hiking trails with shelter you will found in a pdf if you search naturguide and söderhamn. Söderhamn won a price for best outdoor community 2014.

Other useful info