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Rochefort is a city in France.

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Hitching out

South-East towards Bordeaux

You can take the bus G (or H on sundays) and stop at "Brillouet". The ticket costs 1 euro. There is a roundabout at 50 m, you can hitchhike next to the signs "A837 (A10)" towards east. There is a place for car to stop just after the roundabout. You can get to Saintes and join the A10.

North-East towards Niort, Nantes

To go to north-east, taking the A837 is not the best option since at Saintes you can only take the A10 to south. Last time, Béatrice et Guillaume were trying to take the A837 but a man who took them at Rochefort-Centre with a "A10" sign, drove them by the D739 to the toll of St-Jean d'Angély, on the A10 towards North, where they easily found a car towards Niort.

Once on the A10, if you want to go to Nantes, there is a petrol station called "Poitou-Charentes" just before the cross with A83. If you want to go to Paris, just continue on the A10.

Hitching in

Places to avoid

Accommodation and Sleep

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